Frequently Asked Questions

How Long After Giving CBD to My Dog or Cat Will I See Results?

Honestly, it depends on exactly why you are giving My Euphoric Essence products to your pet.

  • If anxiety, aggression, anger, or over-excitement is the issue, after you’ve been consistently giving your pet our product for two weeks, you’ll be able to see the effect within 30-60 minutes (if the dosing is correct) unless it’s a sever anxiety issues which could take a bit longer of consistent dosing.


  • If joint pain, arthritis, or inflammation is the issue it may take a longer period of time of consistent dosing for your pet’s body to respond correctly to our products. We recommend allowing 2-6 weeks for full effect.


  • If seizures are the issue, based on research through clinical trials it was found that 89 percent of dogs who received CBD for 4-12 weeks significantly had a reduction in the frequency of seizures and some pet’s seizures completely stopped.
What Dose of CBD Should I Give My Pet?



Full Droppers (1 ml)

CBD in mg


Under 0-25 lbs.

0.25-0.5 ml

4.2 mg


26 – 55 lbs.

0.5-1 ml

8.4 mg


56 – 75 lbs.

1-1.5 ml

12.6 mg


Over 75 lbs.

1.5-1.75 ml

16.8 mg


Is It Possible for My Pet to Overdose on CBD?


It is extremely difficult to give your pet a large enough dose of CBD to seriously harm an animal. Fortunately, unlike THC, the toxicity of CBD appears negligible. Although this is the case, you should always start slow when introducing any supplement to your pet’s diet.  Rarely the type of Hemp Seed carrier (oil) can upset a dog or cat’s stomach if they are not use to a little extra fat in their diet for a temporary timeframe. 



What’s The Best Way to Give CBD Oil to My Dog or Cat?


Our M.E.E CBD oil products can be given directly to your pet’s mouth (which is fastest), placed on their food, or their favorite treat.

We also offer CBD soft chews to help ease this situation as well.

For more ideas for giving CBD to your pet view: Top 5 Ways To Administer CBD Oil To A Dog or this delicious homemade no-bake CBD dog treat recipe.


Can My Pet Take CBD Oil With Their Existing Medication?


We recommend discussing CBD oil administration with your veterinarian if your pet is already taking prescription medications because every pet’s situation is unique.



Does Your Product Contain THC?


No, My Euphoric Essence products are 100% THC free.

Our product is made from organic Full-Spectrum hemp extract, but all THC has been removed. It provides broad spectrum , in other words, a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, minus the THC. 

Unlike most other brands of pet CBD products which contain small amounts of THC, we believe 0% THC is truly the safest option for your pet according to the best veterinarians to avoid any possibility of THC poisoning. Removing ALL the THC adds to the cost but leads to the safest possible product for your dog or cat.


Can My CBD Oil Go Bad?


My Euphoric Essence CBD oil products should stay fresh for up to 12 months if stored in a dark, cool environment. If you notice any type of change in taste, smell, or consistency then the oil may be losing its freshness.



Is CBD Legal in My State?


Yes, My Euphoric Essence products are legal in all 50 states because our product contains 0% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).



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