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Our products are designed for pet owners that truly care about their pet’s physical, mental, and emotional overall health.

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About Us

About M.E.E.

My Euphoric Essence Hemp Oil was created in 2018 with your furry (or hairless) friend in mind because of its natural medicinal qualities and benefits. Our Hemp Oil Extract is derived from the cannabis plant’s leaves, stalk, and roots, instead of the cheap hemp seed oil used by our competitors. We obtain all of our ingredients organically. These ingredients are non-psychoactive and contain no THC.

Hemp Oil Extract can help relieve pain and anxiety, promote gut regularity, and help with irritable bowel syndrome, as well as inflammatory bowel disease. Our products are designed for pet owners that truly care about their pet’s physical, mental, and emotional overall health.


How It Works

Agriculture and Cultivation

Testing Labs

Product Manufacturing

“Yes, CBD/Hemp Oil is the perfect supplement for your cat or dog but it’s also great for many other types of animals such as horses, rabbits, birds, hamsters, and mice.”

Alleviates pain, arthritis, inflammation/swelling, and Increases joint flexibility

Strengthens the immune system & Promotes cellular health

Supports healthy looking skin and soft, shiny coats. Improves the condition of thinning fur and may also reduce shedding

Is a natural antioxidant

Is rich in omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids

Gluten Free

Eases digestive system and promotes healthy organ function while assisting weight management

Reduces stress and separation anxiety

Increases energy

Fights against free radicals responsible for the aging process

GMP Certified


Products contain zero or less than 0.3% THC


What We Do

100% Natural

We specifically supply Non-GMO, organic, vegan and sourced from 100% natural hemp.

Seed to Source

We are the supply chain. From our farms and extraction to our bottling and shipping, we are the source.

USA Harvested

We curate the very best collection of CBD products from our farms right here in the USA.

Zero THC

Many products have Zero THC so that you can still get the healing benefits w/o the worry of screening.

CBD Saves a Life

Our mission is to consistently provide reliable CBD products that effectively promote exceptional health in people and their pets, allowing them to live long, stress & pain free lives with the ones they love.


Dosage Chart

100% Natural and Reliable Source

Quality Products

Our Clients


Life-Changing For My Abused And Neglected Cat

“We got our now 3-year-old cat Bizzy by rescuing him from an animal shelter when he was only 6 weeks old. He was a great kitten. He had no major issues, except for the fact that we noticed that he was terrified of people. We assumed he’d experienced some abuse or physical trauma at some point in his early life, and he’d been scared of humans ever since. It was very difficult because our children had wanted a pet for so long, and even though they’d finally gotten one, they couldn’t play with him. We bought him multiple recommended products and medications to help with his anxiety, but nothing seemed to fix his issues. A year or so later the fear/anxiety progressed to a point where he would spend his entire day hiding, and rarely meowing. The only thing he’d come out in the open for was food, water, and to use the litter box. When I tell you we tried everything…WE TRIED EVERYTHING! Every calming treat recommended to us on Amazon, but still, nothing worked. While doing more research we came across the benefits of CBD oil for pets and how they could help with anxiety. We decided to try the My Euphoric Essence’s Chicken Flavored oil and within about 10-15 minutes, Bizzy was lying on my daughter’s lap happily purring. It has been amazing to see such a miraculous change in this once very shy cat that went to great lengths to avoid us. This is must have for any pets we get now, and I would recommend it to anyone!”

How I Cured My 5-Year-Old Cat’s Severe Separation Anxiety with CBD Oil

“ My cat is 4 years old and has recently started suffering from separation anxiety. We gave him the chicken flavored hemp oil in the morning and within the hour we could see a drastic change in his behavior. He is now relaxed around visitors instead of constantly meowing and being aggressive. I would definitely recommend the My Euphoric Essence hemp oil if your pet is having any kind of anxiety issues, it did wonders for our cat. ”

Adorable 8 Year Old Pit Bull With Arthritis Tries CBD Oil – “Life Is Good, It's Like My Dante Is Young Again!!!”

”This is Dante, my 7-year-Old Pitbull. When he started getting older, he started limping from the pain in his hips that we believed was a result of arthritis. It would take him a lot more time, strength, and effort, to get up or move and it always seemed like he could never get comfortable.  We could tell that he was in a lot of pain. We tried giving him pain medication, but it seemed to make him “spaced out” and after a month or so of working it stopped easing his pain and his limp got even worse. We decided to give CBD oil a try as a last resort. After a month of taking it, it seems like he is a new dog! The limping is gone, he’s full of energy, and not spaced out at all. I cannot praise my euphoric essence enough for their CBD oil and I hope it helps at those of you who are unsure if you should try it or not for your pets.”

We Believe in Quality

Our products are designed for pet owners that truly care about their pet’s physical, mental, and emotional overall health.

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